6 Mar

What a great day in school!!! 4th class with the help of Ms. O’Meara put on a great show for senior infants to celebrate World Book Day. Students from 4th class dressed up and re-enacted some of our favourite fairy tales. Seniors had to guess which fairy tale was being dramatised!! 4th class also recited some very entertaining poems. Later in the afternoon the students from 4th read stories to senior infants. A really enjoyable daywas had by all!!   [slideshow_deploy id=’4107′]  

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21 Jun

At ten past nine on the 7th of June Mr Brislane, Ms Lynskey, Mrs Maher and 4th class went on their school tour. We went to Craggaunowen first. Craggaunowen is a Celtic themed park. We arrived at Craggaunowen at 11 o clock.Our tour guide welcomed us.Her name was Annika and she was dressed up as a Celt. We went to the castle first and saw the fireplace, throne and spinning wheel.We then went to the Crannog. We had to cross a bridge since the Crannog was an island. Annika told us that years ago there was no bridge and the people living on the Crannog had to use secret stepping stones to get across.... 

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20 Jun

Recently in Fourth class we spent quite a bit of time learning about Mt. Everest the World’s highest mountain. While doing so we discovered that a past pupil of the school, Mr. Martin Byrne, was actually the first Offaly man to have climbed to the summit of Mt. Everest, a feat he achieved in 2011. This intrigued us and so we set about writing letters to him and had a little competition to see who would write the best letter which we would then send to him on behalf of our class, asking him to come visit us. Aisling’s letter was chosen, which in turn was hand delivered by Joe and lo... 

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29 Jan

Fourth Class have learned an awful lot since Christmas about the Earth and some of the amazing natural phenomena that occur within it and around it. One of our favourite topics was volcanoes and we had great fun learning in Science how to make our own erupting volcano. This week we had even more fun in Art where we made volcano models using clay and then decorated them using paint. Check out the results. #gallery-1 { margin: auto; } #gallery-1 .gallery-item { float: left; margin-top: 10px; text-align: center; width: 33%; } #gallery-1 img { border: 2px solid... 

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1 Oct

In Fourth Class we have being doing lots of different things since we came back to school.  Some interesting things we’ve learned do far have been telling the difference between warm and cool colour tones in art and making collages of magazine clippings for each.   We have also learned a lot about our bodies and the fuel we need.  We learned how our lungs bring oxygen to fuel our bodies and how different foods we eat contain different nutrients.  We learned that carbohydrates give us energy, proteins help us grow and repair our bodies and fats protect us and give us warmth.   In... 

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11 May

Congratulations to Luke , Emma  and Amy who’s books were all highly commended by the judges of the Write a Book Project 2012. A special well done to Laura  who was chosen as the overall winner in fourth class and finally a big well done to all the other children in the class who took part but unfortunately were not successful this time around. Keep up the writing!!  

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1 May

Recently in Fourth Class we completed projects on Ancient Civilisations. We learned loads about groups like the Celts, Vikings, Native Americans, Normans and loads more. Some of us created our own models of Ancient dwellings. Here are the pictures of Brien’s Celtic farm and Kelly’s wattle and daub roundhouse.  

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1 May

Fourth class attended an excellent presentation from the Road Safety Authority today in Grants Hotel. We really enjoyed ourselves in the ‘village’ role playing various road safety scenarios and also love all the nice road safety goodies we brought home especially our cool personalised safety licences.  

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29 Apr

This week in History were learning all about changes in the world around us since the 1950s. In doing so we learned alot about the 1950s and what was in fashion then, what toys kids played with and how different school was for children then. One of the things we most liked though was the style of art we found was most popular at the time, Pop Art and particularly the work of Andy Warhol. Check out our own efforts. Perhaps there are a few budding Warhol’s in our midst!  

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20 Apr

Fourth class had a very interesting visitor or should we say visitors yesterday. Our class mate Brien arranged for his Mum to bring in some newborn ducklings to our class for us all to see. We are still debating what we’d like to call them but Clumsy(He falls a lot), Chicken nugget (unfortunate!) and Pebbles are current favourites. Watch this space, photos to follow.  

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