24 Jan

On Friday the 18th January the Sixth Class debating team of Dayna,  Aoibhe and Alison took place in a debate here in Scoil Chrónáin Naofa against Clodagh,  Daithi and Angelika from Sacred Heart Primary School. They were proposing the very hard motion of “To be Serious about Climate Change is to Give up Eating Meat”.  Ms Hogan helped the girls with this motion as it was such a challenging one, she was such a great help and the girls greatly appreciated her input.  At one o clock the girls went down to the hall to face their opponents in the debate. Abbie who was Chairperson on the day  introduced both teams before the debate got underway. Both teams were very strong and the adjudicators had a very tough decision to make.  It was so difficult they were outside for 20 minutes making their decision. When Tony, one of the adjudicators, came up to the front of the hall to speak he congratulated both teams on their brilliant speeches. Finally the moment the girls had waited for had came when he announced that the proposition had carried the motion meaning our team had won. There was a very late reaction as the girls had forgotten which side they were on. Tony kindly prompted that the girls had won. They were overjoyed with happiness as they had worked so hard on their debates. They shook hands with the opposing team and then they went off and celebrated with their class. It was a great day and the girls are looking forward to the next round.  Thank you to Molly from 6th Class who was timekeeper for the debate.


Written by Alison and Aoibhe 6th Class



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