27 Jan

In conjunction with Catholic Schools Week our school celebrated Grandparents Day on Tuesday.  The pupils of First and Sixth Class invited their grandparents to the school.  The event started with a short prayer service celebrated by School Chaplin Michael Harding.  Following this the pupils brought the grandparents to the classrooms where they had lots of interesting things to see and do.

  • In First Class the pupils made flowers with their grandparents photograph in the centre of them.  The children also made certificates and wrote poems to give to their grandparents.  The pupils created booklets in which they had lots of questions about school life and family life years ago and how it differs to now.  On the back of the booklet each child and grandparent drew their hand – this was a lovely memento of the day.
  • In Sixth Class we the pupils were delighted with the opportunity to show our grandparents how much they mean to us.  We loved showing them around our classroom and it was fun to see them sitting at our desks – They didn’t get any homework though.  We presented them with a special poem and shared our favourite memories of them.

Following this there were light refreshments in the hall.


We would like to thank all our grandparents for taking time to come out and join us – we loved having you!


Below are some of the photographs taken on the day.


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