21 Jun

At ten past nine on the 7th of June Mr Brislane, Ms Lynskey, Mrs Maher and 4th class went on their school tour. We went to Craggaunowen first. Craggaunowen is a Celtic themed park. We arrived at Craggaunowen at 11 o clock.Our tour guide welcomed us.Her name was Annika and she was dressed up as a Celt. We went to the castle first and saw the fireplace, throne and spinning wheel.We then went to the Crannog. We had to cross a bridge since the Crannog was an island. Annika told us that years ago there was no bridge and the people living on the Crannog had to use secret stepping stones to get across. We saw the watchtower and the homes they used to live in. We then went to the Fulacht Fia. The Fulacht Fia was where they used to boil water to cook the food.We then went to the RingFort. Inside one of the houses was a secret tunnel.The Celts used the tunnel to store food and to hide in battles. We all went down there.It was very cold down there. When we came out we went to Saint Brendan’s Boathouse.The boat was a replica of the one Saint Brendan had. Tim Severn wanted to see if Saint Brendan really did cross the Atlantic in a boat like the one he made. After we looked at the boat we came across some pigs called Wild Boar. Annika said they have the power to kill a human. That ended the tour so we got our lunch and ate some of it and then we went to Funworld where we were going to play bowling.We arrived at Funworld at 1 o clock.When we went in we changed into bowling shoes and got into our teams. We played for about an hour and a half and then we got ice cream.We left the  bowling at half past 2 and after a long bus journey we arrived back at the school at a quarter to 4.

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