5 Oct



On Thursday 4th October pupils could have been forgiven for thinking they were in Mondello park rather than the Second Class playground.  Seamus Hoyne, Director of Tipperary Energy Agency,  visited the school in an electric Renault Fluence.  First and Fourth Class were delighted to be the classes chosen to learn about the car.  Seamus gave the children lots of information including:

  • You could travel 150 km when the car is fully charged
  • It takes 8 hours on slow charge or 30 minutes on fast charge to charge the battery
  • You can charge the car at most petrol stations now – go in and have a cup of coffee while the battery charges
  • The car is silent when turned on or during driving
  • The children found it amazing that when you charge the battery at a petrol station you pay for it using a special swipe card –  the cost of charging the battery is charged to your electricity bill at home
  • The pupils were also amazed that there was no exhaust on the car

Seamus kindly gave each of the children a drive around the playground in the car.



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